Change The State of Play Pivots from an Emergency Medicine based Pandemic Journal to Anaesthesia & Critical Care

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[Image from ‘Textbook of Critical Care (7th)’ by Vincent JL et al.]

This node in space was created 25th of March 2020 as a placeholder for my daily thoughts, written during approximately 25 consecutive days, when working in the ER and intermediate ward (IMA) at a large University Hospital in Stockholm during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s now time for a new chapter in my carrier as I start working in anaesthesiology in a couple of months, at a medium-sized Hospital in Southern Sweden.

I’ve worked at my current job with emergency medicine for six years and I’m now looking forward to trying something different, somewhere different.

As always I’d like to be prepared, and I’m looking to dive into the following reading list:

Videos on intubation:


  • Anso
  • CoPe
  • Clinical Anesthesiology


  • Clinical Anesthesia (9th) by Barash PG et al
  • Miller’s Anesthesia by Gropper MA et al
  • Morgan & Mikhail’s Clinical Anesthesiology by Butterworth JF et al
  • Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia
  • Textbook of Critical Care (7th) by Vincent JL et al

I will add to the list above as I keep learning and progressing, and the links will all be found at resources.

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